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Frequently Asked Questions and General Support

How is Exquisite Services Inc different from other interior designers?

We have over 10 years of experience in our local area far exceeding that of any other local competitor, our own fabrication, store front, and incredible flexibility and variety for any desired design.

Which are the specialty areas that Exquisite Services Inc works in?

We specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling in particular to stone fabrication with our own saws, polishers, architect, and installation teams. We also offer incredible value for cabinets, hardware, and installation/maintenance services. Ultimately we are remodeling and design company with experience remodeling entire homes. If you have any requests building related, do not hesitate to ask as we will offer a free quote for our services!

How is Exquisite Services Inc different from other interior designers?

We are a small family run business in the libertyville area with years of experience and design. Because we fabricate our own material, our designs and products are much quicker, more accurate, and significantly cheaper than other companies that would require a great deal of outsourcing to achieve similar results.

Web Support?

Send questions or comments to, I should respond in 1-2 business days at the latest and no worries about whatever you send. I want to make this the best possible website and experience for everyone interested in Exquisite.