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New Show Room on the Final Stretch!

Exquisite's new show room at 200 Old Skokie, Park City has taken leaps forward to being completed and is expected to have its grand opening soon!

Several months ago the dry walls and many other interior finishes were completed and now allow for furniture, cabinets, and show pieces to be moved into the building!

The new show room is in excess of 8 times the volume of the original Exquisite building at 1082 E Park Ave. Liberty Ville. It offers a full show of bath tubs, a line of sinks and showers with running water, several walk in kitchen displays, and much much more!

The show room only makes up half of the building, the other half offers additional cutting facilities, polishing spaces, and roofed storage to expand Exquisite's inventories and production. Already one new mammoth water cooled saw has been installed with space to add another. Exquisite's President, Mr. Power, hopes the new facility will help satisfy the ever busy stream of customers coming to his business.

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