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Church and Market Kenosha bar with Custom Fantasy Brown Marble Bar

Epic project here of a massive curving bar in fantasy brown marble. It is a magnificent centerpiece for the room and we wish everyone the best enjoying it. We had a very fun adventure of measuring, working with carpenters, and templating the project. For fabrication, we were very fortunate to have as large of a facility as we do in 200 Old Skokie Rd. Park City IL 60085 to set up a layout of leveled tables to lay all the stones out together. This was crucial for aligning the pattern of the stone best we could and to get consistent polishing between each seam. As you may have noticed, there is also a secondary layer of stone that had to line up with the top layer and together it created a very bold and thicker look to the countertop.

This was not our first curving countertop as some of you might have seen our Polly's Petal Inc. Eccentric Island project from not that long ago. If you have an interest in something like this, you might be pleasantly surprised how affordable Exquisite quotes projects like this because our craftsmen have an exceptionally long span of experience. Unique building features like this are a great way to increase value and leave a memorable impression for returning customers.

Best wishes to everyone shopping and tell me what you think in the comments!

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