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Elegant Zermat Quartzite Island Kitchen Made from a Single Full Slab!

Zermat Quartzite is a wonderful natural stone with lovely whites and a soft grey behind each vein. This provides a refined and stunning, flowing look from one end of the stone to the other. The white-warm colors compliment a sky like accent of colors and the kitchen aesthetic very well. This particular piece shows a very unique high density of veins that was found specially appealing to the customer. So please know there are variations. The finish here was a polished look and it is also available brushed or honed. Zermat Quartzite was initially found in Brazil and we are very fortunate to enjoy a local supply of the stone in the USA. This stone could also be suitable to floors, vanities, accent walls, and other uses indoor and outdoor.

Other names the stone might be known by is Aria or Mont Blanc.

We are also very familiar with cabinetry like from Merilat if you are curious for a quote!

Best wishes to everyone and have a wonderful day! Thank you for enjoying the pictures!

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