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Exquisite 200 Old Skokie Rd Park City Building Photos

Progress is steadily moving forward for the new showroom and fabrication space. So here are some refresher pictures of the outside at 200 Park City. As soon as I can I will show every square inch inside the building because it is EXQUISITE. So for the sake of boosting some pictures of Exquisite Services Inc. in google when searching the company that the location in 200 Old Skokie Rd, Park City IL, 60085 appears :D

Okay, yes, that's me being lazy because I don't want to set up a zipcode finder to locate the nearest building to people. Web design is hard okay....

Most of the electrical, plumbing, displays, and everything are finding their place in the new building. I am working on some new computers and other little things for the reception desk so it looks like aside from me making the desks homey, we should be looking for more people to fill both are places at 1082 and 200.

I hope this was a fun little bit to see and read, cheers!

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Unknown member
Jul 06, 2021

I have to remember to take pictures of the inside!

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